Thursday, September 1, 2011


Things that make my <3 pidder padder:
-good morning kisses from my JWB
-pumpkin spice candles in the fall (not too much longer until crisp temps will be here!)
-David Yurman
-staying on the beach until late in the afternoon, there is something magical about the way the sun dances on the water & how the waves sounds at that time of day
-random text messages/emails
-trying out a new recipe
-Big Brother...Sunday/Wednesday/Thursday nights you can find me in front of the tv counting down until show time
-laughing until you cannot breathe
-French manicures
-sitting on my side porch, whether I'm surrounded by friends & family for an evening of cold beverages or it's just me & the hubs enjoying some quiet time, that area of my house is one my favorite places to be
-Autobell...I LOVE having a clean whip, however, it is inevitable that every time I get my car washed, it. will. rain.

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