Friday, April 27, 2012



a little tootie + camo + carhart overalls....

replace that pup with a chocolate lab & this is a future pic of our son.


this happens to me

seriously, at the age of 25, i cannot hear nor's just sad.


dear kdl,
thinking of you.
fingers crossed.
let go & let god.
<3 you.

looking forward to a wknd catching up with family & friends, furniture shopping, & crossing a few more days off our countdown to B's arrival.

have a good 'un.

Monday, April 23, 2012


...yup, still a Bieber fan.

i dare you to judge.

productive & fun wknd:

friday-dinner at my parents.

saturday-lots of work around the house, seriously the to-do list never ends.
dinner with kel & kevin.

sunday-shopped with jenny.
dinner at my parents.


obsessed with the cmt show "southern nights".

it's definitely the south's answer to the jersery shore.


35 days.

Friday, April 20, 2012

catch-up session.

a horrible, terrible, no good, no fun sickness hit the B household this week...

I am happy to report me & the hubs are both feeling wayyy better.


we completed our baby class series on tuesday.

learned way more than we wanted to...but the class was fun & we're glad we did it.

enough said.


nursery is complete.

pictures to come.


we are loving this song.

 38 days until our due date!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

two snaps...

two snaps for...

being one day closer to the wknd.


having an amazing husband.

a yummy lunch date with this girl {hey bff!}.

and diet coke.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scenes from our wknd.

So this wknd was a huge milestone in our renovation...refinishing the hardwoods!

Instead of enjoying a wknd at the lake, we decided to stick around town & get this last big project here is my sweet hubs in the process :)

The floors turned out beautiful thanks to my hardworking JWB.

On Sunday we headed over to my parents for Easter dinner, along with my grandparents + Jake's family...ah-mazing food & company!


B's countdown to due date: 48 days

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This past wknd was a whirlwind...lots of progress on our renovation project however!

The bathroom is now 90% complete!!!

We did a crackle finish on the walls on Sunday & LOVE how it turned out...

Brag session...if you were to look up "man's man" in the dictionary, you'd find my sweet hub's face, however, my huntin'-fishin'-tool-totin'-boy has amazing taste...He not only can build a house, but he can pick out paint colors/furniture/etc like a professional...he truly is gifted.

Saturday me & momma {thx mom!} got the side porch sparklin' & planted!

Busy but wonderful wknd!

54 days until B's due date.

cannot wait to meet our little fella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!