Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coffee Chat

I just poured a big ol' mug of coffee & am currently sitting at my desk with a grin.

Why the grin you ask?!


Yesterday was a birthday that resulted in a top 5 finish.
A surprise party @ the office/a lunch date with my two favorite gals {mom + BFF}
/after work cocktails/grand finale: dinner @ the Melting Pot with my closest family & friends.
Thx to everyone who made my day incredibly special.

My mums.
I planted them on Sunday & they have brightened my soul ever since.
I guess I have joined the masses & will proudly proclaim, 'bring it on fall'.

Our wknd plans...
I've never been so excited to have nothing on the calendar.
2011 has no doubt been a blur...it seems like every weekend there has been some sort of event and the remainder of the year looks like it will finish just as it began.
Looking forward to no alarm clocks, relaxation, and just doing whatever we feel like!

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