Friday, April 29, 2011

Honey Bee

Between boot camps, overtime @ the j-o-b, personal training, dance class, & wedding stuff...I'm not sure I've seen anything but a blur ever since Monday.

Yesterday, we headed down to ONSC to discuss last minute wedding details...
I fall in love with our venue more & more every time we're there.

This was my view as I sipped on wine & ate a fabulous dinner lakeside:

Saturday/Sunday = Matt & Meghan wedding/dress alterations/Maxie B's cake appointment/a family cookout-shower for Jake & I...let the fun begin :)

And...I just love this song-happy wknd!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Keep calm.

Each & everyday God shows me ways that he is in control-and thank goodness he is.

Incredible wknd

This wknd was one for the was that special combination of letting loose, soaking up the sunshine, shared laughter among friends, & happy moments with family.


work then 5:00 cocktails w/Mandy @ Natty's...i <3 their patio & wildflower brew.
followed by an after-party @ Kel's


Rainnny rainny day = sofa time & tv time, which was MUCH needed!
Dinner party in Archdale-yummy food & awesome night with close friends.


Planting palooza!!!
After several trips to Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Target, and yes-even the Christmas Shoppe (me & Kelly are now obsessed!) we had our cars loaded up & we ready to do work!
My side porch & Kel's patio are now full of flowers & make my heart happy!


Slept in <insert smile> and wake up without an alarm clock. oh yes.
I got to enjoy four ah-mazing hours on my porch while sipping coffee <thx to a certain Easter bunny (JWB), I got my very own Keurig :) > and listened to the birds chip while reading my magazines. pure bliss.
Headed over to my parents house for what was the best Easter Sunday I think we've had, ever.

Pretty flowers & bubbly :)

Easter Menu!

Me & Kel

JuJu & Neff :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE them & such a blessing to share Easter with them.

Me & PawPaw :)


JWB <3

My parents are so precious...yes, even though we are all grown up, they still make holidays fun & do special things for us :)

Our Easter baskets:



Tickets to the Miranda Lambert concert!!!

This little fella was tuckered out!

Such a happy wknd!

This week is going to be insane...whew, I just hope I can keep up!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little Miss

What a week?!

wedding madness, work changes (hello promotion), intense workouts, an ever-growing mountain of laundry, not enough hours in the day has a new meaning!

This thing we call life is a wild ride that is full of ups & downs, turns & curves...and we just keep up the best we can, while keeping class & staying true to 'you'.

So...with that said, this girl is ready for the wknd.

Two snaps for the next three days that will be filled with fun, friends, & family.

Two snaps to the person who created the vodka sugar-free redbull combo.

Two snaps for my Easter wknd starting at 5:00 today.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Smiles :)

After a few tough weeks of sleepness nights in hospitals, tears, praying around the clock, and the roller coaster of emotions that follow...I can say that this weekend was event-free and much welcomed!

Jeff & Julia Sims are both home now and are doing great! :)

Friday night, we threw burgers on the grill & enjoyed the beautiful weather with friends.

Yes, only Scottie could pull off a classy v-neck from the lovely Myrtle Beach.

JWB showing off his new dance moves, whew ;)


Dear Mother Nature,
Enough with the thunderstorms.

LUCKILY, the showers moved out in time for JWB's 'Rakes & Hoes' shower, he had fun & got lots of goodies.


I got to run errands with this handsome fella...

We ended the day with @ my parents house that included a YUMMMMY supper, cold beers, & relaxation around the firepit.

All in all, it was a fantastic wknd-life is back to smiles...

only a four day work week.

our invitations are officially in the mail today.

wedding dressed arrived.

lots of fun events have filled the calendar for the next few months.

i think i'll raise my cup of coffee to cheers to that!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ready for the wknd!

Soooo ready for the weekend!!!
no alarm clocks, no rushing around, & hopefully catching up on some ZZZ's.

Saturday JWB has a *BOYS ONLY* wedding shower, so fun :)
...& while the guys are getting together, a select few ladies will be having our own soiree!

Whatever you do this wknd, be safe & remember to hug the people you love.

Sending lots of xoxo's to the Sims family, i love you crazy people.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rockin' the red again.


So, last night I got another phone call that I will remember for the rest of my life.

B called to tell me that her dad, Jeff, was on his way to the hospital with chest jaw literally hit the floor.

We literally just got our JuJu home from Moses and now here we are again?!

A few hours later we had confirmation that our Neff Neff had a heart attack :(

Sims Family-I love ya'll so much & we will be praying for all of you right now. Wishing ya'll strength & healing.

Time to rock the red braclets again.

Love you Jeffrey.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

IOP-Bachelorette Wknd :)

This past wknd, my girls & I headed south for the beautiful Isle of Palms, SC :)
We ate, drank, laughed, told stories, laughed some more, and made priceless memories.
I truly am blessed with the best friends ever.

Kel & me on the ride down!

The view from our AMAZING condo!
Hello serenity :)

Precious goodies for my girls, compliments of B & Kel!

Rainbow Row cross-stitch,
HUGE shout out to Momma Leazer & KEL for this gift, seriously my heart goes pidder-padder.

Try finding that in a store ;)

Sassy wine glass from B :)

...and night one begins.

...and that completes the appropriate pictures from Friday.

Saturday we layed out on the beach & watched them waves roll in.
Ahhh, take me back!

Saturday night we got dolled up & hit the town.

MOH x 2

me & BIG :)

Bridesmaids :)


Shoe shot.

"Miss Holiday" & me

"...girl your joints are lit up!!!" ;)


K & me-LOVE her :)

Heading to dwtn Charleston!

Phi Mu family <3


Group shot effort



We danced.
...and if my memory is correct, this is about how things looked at this point. HA!


Kelly, Brett, Kahli, Jackie, Jenny, & Katie-

I had SOOOOOOO much fun with you girls and thank you for making my bachelorette weekend so special. Each of you are blessing in my life.