Monday, January 30, 2012

Great ending to a great month!

Friday night was AWESOME!
SR + Jaxon Jill = perfect setting to catch up with friends & fam.
Who doesn't love temps so comfortable in January that you can eat dinner outside on the patio?!

Me, mom, & Jess hosted a baby shower @ FOCC.
Kilbi got the most precious clothes ever for baby Baker.

Afterwards I decided to have a little 'me time'...

Followed by dinner with JWB + our visiting wild boy Scottie.

Woke up at 5:30 am.
{Whiskey tango.}
Yummy breakfast cooked up by hubs.

Shopped with momma, found our nursery chair! Yay!
Will arrive in two weeks.
Me & the daddy-to-be will be working out a schedule of who gets to sit in it, it is that comfy.
thx Lay-Z-Boy :)

relaxing evening, watched tv.

tried to figure out how to work our new stroller.
seriously, we are both college educated, {semi} intelligent people and that thing had our sauce.
humble pie, two slices please.

great ending to a great month! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012


-got the lox trimmed, thx Jess
-had a lunch date with momma
-happy friday to me.

a dinner date with fun friends & family tonight, very much looking forward to smiles & laughter.

tomorrow we will be swimming in blue at a baby shower for baby Baker.

happy wknd ya'll :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

baby says hey!

baby is now 11 inches from crown to heel.

round ligament pain in full force.

feeling baby move continuously.
we have two theories: either B is giving us a preview that he will be a VERY active bebe or he will tire himself out over the next couple of months and will sleep like an angel once he makes his debut.
i know of a few family members & friends rooting for the first option-they keep saying the word revenge, i don't know why ;)

current cravings:
-cinnamon toast crunch, last wk it was apple dapple
{the bo-bo brand of apple jacks, hollar if you like to save a buck}
-salad, give me crisp lettuce, cucumbers, freshly shredded cheese & i am a happy girl.
-little cuties
{thx mawmaw for keeping me stocked up, yes I am 25 & still get spoiled by the g-rents}
[*and while on the subject, every time i peel one of those oranges i sit in amazement, they really do peel effortlessly. it doesn't take much people.]
-water with lemon, out of the lemon shaped bottle/freshly sliced/a dash of lemonade-i do not discriminate
-tater tots, normally when JWB requests said item i protest, not anymore.

finishing up our baby registry this week.
didn't we just do our wedding one?!
i have never been so clueless in my life...i literally have to google what some items even do-very humbling.

constant daydreaming about what little B will look like.
we're already head-over-heels in love.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Manic Monday

Rain rain go away!

Seriously, the dreary, yucky weather is good for nothing.

This weekend was a great one.

Friday night:
hot date with JWB.

LOTS of work completed on the second floor-{YAY} followed by dinner with sweet friends.

more work around the house completed by my handsome hubs + a mountain of laundry tackled.
dinner with mom.


22 wks down.
18 to go :)

the calendar reveals a busy week.
an extra cup of motivation please!

this wknd:
a visit from a wva wild one.
a baby shower for my SIL.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

got your back Jack.

61 days until spring.

cooked supper for our sweet friends last night.

sloppy joes + homemade dessert = a happy group.

....and speaking of friends-shout out to our crazy boy in WVA.
remember, your peeps down in NC "got your back Jack" :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fun filled wknd

Dinner with in-laws

JWB officially started demolition of the last phase of our house.
Very exciting, very dirty!

While the boys worked, me + mom went furniture shopping followed by lunch @ one of our fave places.

After a long day of productivity me & the hubs had a date night :)

JWB was back to work on demo & I made my first clothing purchases for the baby-tiny polo shirts galore!

Dinner @ my parents house was the perfect ending to a great wknd!


Just purchased the nursery bedding!

{hint-orange/chocolate brown/powder blue}

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Everyone should experience...

In my opinion, there a few things I believe everyone should experience in their lifetime...

-Loving someone so deep it literally takes your breath away. teaches you how to get back up again.

-An all expense paid trip to the destination of your choice.
{insert best wk of mine & jwb's life; st. thomas}

-Laughing so hard you cry.

-Baby kicks.
Throughout the day, I get sweet little reminders that there is a life growing inside heart instantly melts everytime.

Keep jabbin' little boy, your momma loves it ;)
{just saying that gave me goosebumps!}

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Invites mailed, check.
Grocery list made, check.
Cupcakes ordered (thank you Maxie B's), check.
So-excited-we-cannot-sleep-at-night-because-in-two-days-we-find-out-if-we-are-having-a-boy-or-girl, check check check.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


...what's the excitement about a foot?

5 toes.

a heal.


but when it's your little baby's foot on an ultrasound's a BIG DEAL! :)

Happy 19 wks.
you already rock our world.

2011 was a gift from heaven.

With wedding bliss in the air, lots of friends & family togetherness, & a little surprise to cap off a great year...

2011 proved to be a true gift from heaven.

Here's a little year in review:


-Annual trip to Aruba


-Kelly's unforgettable birthday surprise: a limo ride that without a doubt sits on the top 5 list of all-time fun!

-Girls trip to Charleston...enough said.


-JWB's birthday


-Bachelorette trip to Isle of Palms


-Raleigh Family Party

-Couple's Shower BBQ


-6/25/2011 we said I DO!!!


-Honeymoon to St Thomas.

-We lost a key member of "Family Emergence"...Scottie-Don't moved to West Virginia :(


-Lots of side porch sittin' & relaxation


-Tootie's birthday, the big 2-1


-Secrets out, 1 + 1 = 3 :)

baby Baker is on the way!


-Thanksgiving in Charleston


-lots of holiday happenings: parades, parties, lots of happy times.


Cheers to 2012.

bring it on :)