Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A happy spirit.

Everyone has "that place" that is special to them.

Everyone has "that place" that makes their heart go pidder-patter.

Everyone has "that place" that when they close their eyes to escape the troubles of a bad day, an argument, etc., they see that magical spot.

For me, "that place" is Charleston...from the bridge, to Rainbow Row, to the market, to the cobblestone streets-I love it all.

So this past weekend, me, my mom, and my best friend hit the pavement & set the GPS to "that place."

We enjoyed good drinks at our favorite secret hole-on-the-wall spots and rooftop oasis's.

We ate fresh seafood.

We saw the sights.

And most importantly, we enjoyed each other. We talked, laughed, talked some more, laughed some more, and soaked up all the magic that Charleston holds.

Such an awesome weekend, at my favorite place in the world.

Charleston = renewed, happy spirit.

Friday, February 18, 2011

This is what my Thursday looks like.

So yesterday was my best girlfriend's birthday...and boy did we have a surprise for her.

We told her to be ready @ 6:30 sharp and we'd be by to pick her up-little did she know we would have a LIMO full of her closest peeps to scoop her!


Me & my momma on the way to surprise Kel...and yes, only my mother would rock a stainless steel wine glass.

Our first stop was at SR, of course!

Mom with the birthday girl!

Me & Kel

Kel & Pat

B, Kel, Jeffrey, & me!

Kel with the boys!

Second stop, Center City.

B & me :)

Sweet face Scottie-Don't.

These two girls make my heart smile.

All the girls!

Birthday girl & Patttttt

Smooches for my hubby-to-be ;)

If the night wasn't already fun enough, this is when we decided to turn it up a notch.

I love that there is a dance party up front & an intense convo going on at the same time.

Love these silly boys.

Still dance party in progress.

Best friends.

Cheers to you dah-ling.

Final destination: GVG

Oh my.

My JWB <3

LOTS of champagne =my disheveled hair-in-the-face look

B & Kel

Such an awesome night with amazing friends...it doesn't matter where we are, what night of the week it is, as long as we have each other-a good time is in store.

I hope you had a great day, BFF-we love you!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011


...got to the office this morning and this was waiting on me :)

I'm not usually a huge fan of today's holiday, I think the day is quite silly to be honest, however, I believe I've caught the love bug.



Thursday, February 10, 2011


This morning I poured a big ol' cup of coffee (tried it for the first time this week & it is now my new addiction) and started to think about how much greatness is in my life...

We loaded up our posse a few weekends ago to hear our wedding band, THE DICKENS, one more time before the big day!

All of these people are what makes my heart so happy...

My MOH's

(SoCo's. Enough said.)

Me & my momma :)

My hubby-to-be, xo.

Me & my daddy.


Such a fun night :)

Last weekend:

We threw some burgers on the grill & then headed to the Coliseum with Lank & Jen-knee...

Hands down, best concert I've been to yet...yes, even better than Bieber.

My friends laugh at me but I think you should find something to "cheers" to each and every day.

And yes, one of my dear friends/bridesmaid drinks Budweiser exclusively, doesn't believe in that "light crap"...just one of the many things that rock about her.

We've been making progress in the basement...



we <3 rustic.

This man makes my heart go pidder-padder.

Life is crazy right now with wrapping up the wedding planning, but we've been trying to slow down and enjoy the everyday moments.
 Lots of fun things coming up-trips to the mtns & the shore, several birthdays, and showers...but for right now, I'll just soak up the happiness that is filling today :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Jason Aldean & Chloe

Tonight I will be hanging out with this guy

and this fella from NC

plus, my hubby-to-be & Jen-knee & Lank.

I am SO excited.

Concert & Super Bowl Wknd, it's gonna be a good weekend folks.

Oh yeah, it's also a certain little lady's birthday today...

...it's CHLOE'S 5th BIRTHDAY!!!