Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i don't like.

i don't like the three stooges.

i don't like lead pencils.

i don't like wet paper; as a kiddo on a family trip, i remember getting caught in a rain storm @ Hersey amusement park & wet napkins were every where on the ground..instant gag.

i don't like the last day of vacation.

i don't like riding in the back seat, it doesn't matter if we are driving through the mtns or down a straight road. i. will. get. car. sick.

i don't like fruit scented anything...yuck.

i don't like uncomfortable clothes. i believe you can look like a dime piece without trying to squeeze into something that makes you feel miserable.

i don't like hearing people talk on their phones. i'm sorry your mom's aunt's fifth cousin's brother just got his 6th DUI, but i don't need to hear about it while in the check-out line at Food Lion.

i don't like uptight attitudes, life is too short to take it seriously.

i don't like humid weather. curly hair + hot damp air = troll doll.

i don't like disappointing people. it makes my tummy hurt.

i don't like UNC-lame mascot, awful shade of blue, my daddy went to State.

i don't like for my food to touch. if it wasn't frowned upon, i would still be eating on plates with separators.

i don't like paper cuts, how does something so small hurt so bad?

i don't like for my house to be dirty. unless it is in model home status, i have anxiety attacks. OCD, you betcha. it's all about acceptance people.

i don't like to yawn.

i don't like science fiction, dragons, wizards, aliens, etc. sorry harry potter fans.

i don't like repetitive noises.

i don't like soggy bread. toasted is my only option.

i don't like infomercials; however, JWB wishes an entire channel was dedicated to them.

i don't like mosquito bites.

i don't like talk radio or C-SPAN.

i don't like for a day to go by without getting a kiss 'good morning' from my soon-to-hubs.

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