Tuesday, May 31, 2011

i like.

i like lunch dates.

i like cheap clothes & expensive jewelry-riddle me that.

i like burlap.

i like fountain sodas, preferably coke zero or diet mtn dew with rabbit ice.

i like phone chats with my maw-maw & paw-paw, they make everything better.

i like over-sized hooded sweatshirts.

i like the language i share with my momma, no one understands us but us.

i like ball point pens.

i like charleston so much that i need to go to addiction meetings.

i like that when i wake up tomorrow, i will say to myself "i marry my best friend this month."

i like SR-the food, the patio, the beach music, the decor.

i like reading Better Homes & Garden.

i like the smell of clean laundry, but not the folding part.

i like grocery shopping.

i like getting sweet text messages from friends.

i like watching the news.

i like the movie Joe Dirt.

i like the sound of waves crashing & how warm sand feels between your toes.

i like my dad's one-liners...his words are the best advice.

i like french manicures.

i like holidays (christmas is my fave, duh.), however i belive you should find something every day to celebrate.

i like post-it notes.

i like *my tootie*, it won't matter how old we are-he'll always be my little-blonde hair-bike{with flames} riding-follow me around {ok i made him follow me around}-sweet brother.

i like running.

i like lynyrd skynyrd.

i like a #6 from wendy's, no tomato or mayo-that will be the first thing i order post wedding.

i like reminiscing.

i like riding in my car with my sunroof open.

i like my friends & family...no one loves them like i do & no one loves me like they do.

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