Wednesday, June 8, 2011


drink-Busch Light, Diet Mtn Dew, tea, Sugar-Free Redbull & vodka; in that order.

vegetable-okra, fried or pan sauteed with sea salt

movie-Days Of Thunder; The Notebook; Dazed & Confused; Joe Dirt; Titanic, kidding.


day of the week-Thursday, i love the anticipation that fills the air for the upcoming wknd


sport-floating, if you have ever been to the redneck yacht club, you understand the training and dedication that this takes.

radio station-94.9 The Surf

kind of shoe-cowboy boots, i would wear mine everyday if it wasn't frowned upon at the workplace

restaurant-SR, Bonefish, The Pavilion Bar (Charleston), Cripple Creek <R.I.P., tear>


singer-Johnny Cash, Miranda Lambert, Billy Currington, Eminem

magazine-Better Homes & Garden, Real Simple

channel-Fox, The Food Network

ice cream-mint chocolate chip

season-spring, only winning by a margin to fall

actor-Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington

food-Mexican & Italian, in my second life I want to come back as lobster stuffed ravioli.

holiday-Christmas, 4th of July, & truth be told, i kinda dig Halloween

destination-anywhere that has a sunny sky, some type of water (ocean, lake, river, doesn't matter), my family/friends and I'm a happy girl; but if you need specifics-Charleston, Carolina Beach, Aruba, BL

condiment-ranch sauce, as JWB likes to put it

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