Monday, June 20, 2011


Wedding week has begun.



Friday afternoon:

Cold beverages were drank.
Laughs were shared among friends.
Acknowledgements were made of "This time next week the party will have begun."
<insert smiles & squealing like a school girl>
Dinner @ our fave local dive.


Spa/lunch date with my perdy momma.
17 loads of laundry were washed & folded.
Afternoon cocktails @ the Sims casa...btw, JuJu's cocktails are delicioius, like slap-ya-momma-good. 
Wings + side porch + friends + cigars.


Church + lunch w/JWB's fam.
Late afternoon cocktails + dinner w/my fam.
happy father's day.


5 days until I marry mr. green eyes.

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