Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Huge sigh of relief.

So as I'm finishing up a lunch date with my parents today, my dad started experiencing chest pains...oh. mah. gah. I was not aware of this little fact but he had been having some discomfort since yesterday-eeek!

Normally this would not be a stage five emergency, but with the recent heart attacks of our close friends, Jeff & Julia, our family has learned to ALWAYS listen to you body...

So mom & dad loaded up & headed to the doctors office, which were waiting on his arrival.

After running numerous tests all afternoon, he was just released & is headed home!

Goodness gracious.

As momma put it..."they don't make enough alcohol in the world for all of this."

Huge sigh of relief, so thankful my dad is ok! HUGE thanks to my homeboy Jesus.

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