Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ramblin' :)

One of the joys of having a blog is that you can talk about anything you want to, because, well it's your blog.

First up-kuddos, cheers, round of applause, standing ovation, etc. to our troops.

Justice was served.

Second-53 days until JWB & I say 'i do'. hoooooly mackerel.

Third-i <3 impromptu patio nights w/two of my closest girlfriends.
nothin' like sharing laughter & soaking up the special bond that we share.

i consider myself very lucky to have these ladies in my life...i've been very fortunate to have these two by my side in my happiest moments & have had their guidance through life's rough spots...because that's what our little group does, we rally.

if there is something to celebrate, we 'cheers' together.
if there is a disappointing moment, we remind each other that with every bump in the road comes a lesson to be learned.
if there is sadness, we offer a shoulder to cry on.
if there is an event, we coordinate outfits & plan pre-party cocktail hours; where you find one, you find the other two.
if there is nothing at all going on, we share that moment were everything seems balanced & enjoy that we are living God's plan.

i believe that it is not only important to have a man in your life that loves you & treats you like a princess but that it is equally important to surround yourself with friends who love you.

two snaps to my B & Kel.

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