Monday, January 30, 2012

Great ending to a great month!

Friday night was AWESOME!
SR + Jaxon Jill = perfect setting to catch up with friends & fam.
Who doesn't love temps so comfortable in January that you can eat dinner outside on the patio?!

Me, mom, & Jess hosted a baby shower @ FOCC.
Kilbi got the most precious clothes ever for baby Baker.

Afterwards I decided to have a little 'me time'...

Followed by dinner with JWB + our visiting wild boy Scottie.

Woke up at 5:30 am.
{Whiskey tango.}
Yummy breakfast cooked up by hubs.

Shopped with momma, found our nursery chair! Yay!
Will arrive in two weeks.
Me & the daddy-to-be will be working out a schedule of who gets to sit in it, it is that comfy.
thx Lay-Z-Boy :)

relaxing evening, watched tv.

tried to figure out how to work our new stroller.
seriously, we are both college educated, {semi} intelligent people and that thing had our sauce.
humble pie, two slices please.

great ending to a great month! :)

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