Thursday, January 12, 2012

Everyone should experience...

In my opinion, there a few things I believe everyone should experience in their lifetime...

-Loving someone so deep it literally takes your breath away. teaches you how to get back up again.

-An all expense paid trip to the destination of your choice.
{insert best wk of mine & jwb's life; st. thomas}

-Laughing so hard you cry.

-Baby kicks.
Throughout the day, I get sweet little reminders that there is a life growing inside heart instantly melts everytime.

Keep jabbin' little boy, your momma loves it ;)
{just saying that gave me goosebumps!}


  1. Baby kicks are pretty awesome:) I'm 32 weeks and it gets to a point where they don't really kick anymore. They just shove and push your belly;) That can be fun too, once you get used to a hard elbow, head or butt protruding out of your belly:p

  2. What an adorable post Candace! I tagged you in my most recent post, join if you want to play :)