Tuesday, January 24, 2012

baby says hey!

baby is now 11 inches from crown to heel.

round ligament pain in full force.

feeling baby move continuously.
we have two theories: either B is giving us a preview that he will be a VERY active bebe or he will tire himself out over the next couple of months and will sleep like an angel once he makes his debut.
i know of a few family members & friends rooting for the first option-they keep saying the word revenge, i don't know why ;)

current cravings:
-cinnamon toast crunch, last wk it was apple dapple
{the bo-bo brand of apple jacks, hollar if you like to save a buck}
-salad, give me crisp lettuce, cucumbers, freshly shredded cheese & i am a happy girl.
-little cuties
{thx mawmaw for keeping me stocked up, yes I am 25 & still get spoiled by the g-rents}
[*and while on the subject, every time i peel one of those oranges i sit in amazement, they really do peel effortlessly. it doesn't take much people.]
-water with lemon, out of the lemon shaped bottle/freshly sliced/a dash of lemonade-i do not discriminate
-tater tots, normally when JWB requests said item i protest, not anymore.

finishing up our baby registry this week.
didn't we just do our wedding one?!
i have never been so clueless in my life...i literally have to google what some items even do-very humbling.

constant daydreaming about what little B will look like.
we're already head-over-heels in love.

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