Monday, November 15, 2010

Wknd full of LOVE. I have a new obsession:

This gal makes my heart pidder patter.

Who knew something so small could make a heart smile so big?!

We love you Saylor!

After a quick trip to Cola, we headed home to get ready for Sunday's engagement photo shoot!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our photographer, Shane Snider ( <<<Check him out, he's the

With our fabulous entourage of my mom + MIL, make-up gal [Kahli], MOH/hair stylist [BB], & MOH/BFF [Kel]...we headed to the farm and had a blast!

With all of the checklists and to-do's that we have been wrapped up with for the wedding, it was so much fun to have a day of laughter and sunshine with my JWB.

I cannnnnnnnot wait to see how the pics turn out :)

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