Thursday, October 7, 2010


Thursday is my favorite day of the week because I love the anticipation of what's instore for the weekend...I feel like once it's Thursday, it's time for fun!

And since it is Thursday, I woke up in just an awesome mood & was thinking about all the good things in my life as I was getting ready this morning:

-My fiance is just the best thing ever. I believe every woman should have someone who loves her and tells her/shows her that everyday. There is nothing better than hearing "I love you" as you start and end your day.

-My friends are amazing...I am so blessed to have people in my life that love me for me. My friends are beautiful on the inside & out, hilarious, spontaneous, genuine, and just good people. Each of my friends makes the puzzle complete, without each of the piece, it just wouldn't be the same.

-My family is awesome. Between the laughter, the advice, the "just being there", the comfort they provide, etc...they rock.

-I am in love with fall right now. I love getting into my car on a chilly day and the sun beams through the window and its just like a warm blanket :) I love pumpkin candles. I love the Thanksgiving commercials on tv. I love boots.

-I love that every morning on my way to work, this little old man walks his dog at the same time, everyday and he always smiles & waves to me.

-I love that around this time next month, me & JWB will *hopefully* be an uncle & aunt. We're first-timers folks!

Life is good.

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