Friday, October 22, 2010


WHEW-it's been a busy week!

Monday: work. My parents cooked up a delicious feast & my parents + my bro + JWB/me all ate, laughed, & caught each other up on the insanities of each of our lives. I can't reiterate enough how awesome my family is.

Tuesday: work. JWB/me + Kel + Tripp ate at our fave restaurant SR...Tripp was in town for the furniture market, so anytime he is home from Nashville we make sure to steal him away for atleast one night! JWB & Tripp have been friends FOREVER & he has been a "big brother" to me since I was 14-he is special guy to both of us.

Wednesday: work. Girlfriend Dinner Night w/Kel & BB. I ABSOLUTELY love my man but time with your friends is essential. Kel cooked up an awesome lasagna & we watched Hocus Pocus-yes we are all in our mid-20's-ish but ABC Family 13 Nights of Halloween makes our calendar every year.

Thursday: work. OFFICIALLY moved in with JWB. Very exciting & such a relief to have that behind us.

Friday: work. TGIF! Date Night with JWB-were going to cook up a yummy supper & watch a movie. I cannot tell you the last time we had a free Friday to just relax so we are going to take advantage of our opportunity!

Saturday & Sunday: Oh how I love you weekend days. Don't know what the wknd will bring, Phi Mu sister & friend will marry her beau tomorrow :) I can't wait to see that gorgeous bride-to-be walk down the aisle! Congrats in advance to the new Mr. & Mrs.!!!


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