Monday, May 21, 2012

one week.

one week from today = Bentley's due date.

a HUGE thank you to my mom, Jen-knee, & Lank for helping us get all of our last minute to-do's completed this wknd before our little man's arrival.

seriously, they are rockstars.

weekend events were...

friday night:

double date, dinner & movie

{if you are pregnant or have ever been pregnant, this movie will be absolutely HILARIOUS to you}


preparation for baby B completed.

{closets organized/house cleaned/many projects stamped 'done')


a few odds & ends around the house, followed by dinner with my parents.

two snaps for an impromptu afternoon ice cream sundae party.

(not sure why my hand looks alien-esque?! ha!)

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  1. Can't believe how close it is! Can't wait to meet Baby B!