Monday, April 18, 2011

Smiles :)

After a few tough weeks of sleepness nights in hospitals, tears, praying around the clock, and the roller coaster of emotions that follow...I can say that this weekend was event-free and much welcomed!

Jeff & Julia Sims are both home now and are doing great! :)

Friday night, we threw burgers on the grill & enjoyed the beautiful weather with friends.

Yes, only Scottie could pull off a classy v-neck from the lovely Myrtle Beach.

JWB showing off his new dance moves, whew ;)


Dear Mother Nature,
Enough with the thunderstorms.

LUCKILY, the showers moved out in time for JWB's 'Rakes & Hoes' shower, he had fun & got lots of goodies.


I got to run errands with this handsome fella...

We ended the day with @ my parents house that included a YUMMMMY supper, cold beers, & relaxation around the firepit.

All in all, it was a fantastic wknd-life is back to smiles...

only a four day work week.

our invitations are officially in the mail today.

wedding dressed arrived.

lots of fun events have filled the calendar for the next few months.

i think i'll raise my cup of coffee to cheers to that!

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