Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy 5 months!

Happy 5 months Bentley :)

No wellness visit this month (yay for no shots!) so I have to guess at your weight, thinking around 18 lbs?!

You are in a size 3 diaper, size 2 shoes, & size 6 month clothes.

You have a small bud on your gum for a soon-to-be tooth!

You found your toes this month & love to play with them.

You are very social & talk non-stop, we would LOVE to know your thoughts little man.

You are rolling from side to side like a champ.

You eat baby food at lunch & date, you have tried green beans, green peas, peaches, bananas, sweet potatoes, & pears.

You are sleeping good, with the exception of a nightly wake up around 3:30...all you need is a quick 2 oz bottle & you go right back to snoozing.

This month you had your first cold :(

You love to watch tv with your is one of your faves.

oh my sweet boy, you fill our hearts with so much happiness.
every day brings new growth & development.
we love watching you soak up this big world for the first time.

your daddy & i love you so much Bentley-Boo!

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