Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We're moving!

...not literally, just figuratively.

a certain gummy-grinnin' little boy moved into his crib this week.

{insert sad momma}

JWB & I made a promise to make the transition after Labor Day.

so proud of my little man!

last week me, Bent, momma, & Kel packed our bags & headed south for a little vacation, tour-de-SC style.

we started in N Myrtle for salty air & sandy feet.

[i never get tired of that view]

[Bent's first dip in the big salty!]

and ended up in Charleston for some shoppin', strollin', & sippin'.

[Bent's stunna shades got every lady's attention in the 843 area code.]

...love his expression.
needless-to-say, he was ready to get away from us & be back with his daddy.

great trip :)

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