Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy 4 months (a day late!) Bent!


Happy 4 months sweet, sweet boy :)

You weigh 16 lb 10 oz...oh I just love those cheeks, my little husky-fit baby.

You are in a size 2 diaper.

You wear size 3-6 & 6 month clothes, size 1 shoes.

Your routine is the following:

-wake up 6:30ish, bottle.
-back to bed.
-wake up around 8:00, bottle.
-coffee & morning chat with momma/nap nanny snoozing from 9ish-11:00, bottle.
-tummy time/play mat fun.
{You have really started to pull on your toys & have a strong grasp.}
-lunch around 12:30. bottle + half a container of baby food.

{you have tried sweet potatoes & green peas so far, love both of them-yay!}
-nap around 1:30-4:30ish. bottle.
-play time.
-6:30 bottle + half a container of baby food.
-cuddle time with mom & dad.
-8:30-9 bottle.
-bed time! :)

every wednesday you spend the afternoon with your Shu-Shu & one or two days a week you go to Mawmaw & Pawpaws...the rest of the time, you come to work with me & GiGi...with that being said, we get NOTHING done because we cannot help but play with you all day.
once a month you spend the night with Benny B & GiGi...funny how now that you're in the world they find new reasons to "drop by the house" or Benny B needs "something at the office" when you are with me ;)
you are one very loved fella & I am officially second fiddle. ;)

...oh my sweet boy. You are growing up too fast.
I feel like this past month you truly went from a newborn to a baby/big boy.
{insert sad momma. tear. tear. tear}
You no longer like to be held like a doll, but up on our shoulders so that you can see what's going on...always afraid you'll miss something!
my mom told me from the day that I had you that I needed to cherish the days when you'd just lay in my arms & cuddle...I just didn't know how numbered those days were going to be.

Your giggles & squeals fill our house with happiness.
Every where you go, people {especially the ladies} fall in love with you.
I have to pinch myself daily to remind myself that you really are ours.

This past month you traveled to Myrtle Beach & Charleston, you helped celebrate my birthday + Uncle Tootie's, and many other fun events.

Life before you is a blur.
You are our whole world...
oh sweet Bentley.

We love you, we love you, we love you.

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