Monday, March 12, 2012

repeat button.

i sipped coffee [vanilla biscotti to be exact] this morning on my side porch.

allow me to set the scene:

birds chirping.

freshly scrubbed fountain trickling with water.

blackberry in hand = caught up on blogs/news.

absolute tranquility & perfect way to start this fun-filled wk!

{have always loved this song}
___________________________________________ seems like we are set on 'repeat' every wknd where we blink & before we know it, it's Sunday evening!

I will say with a HUGE smile on my face that our renovation zone is starting to resemble organized chaos more than an area that an atomic bomb just imploded. sweet hubs has worked his tail off!

*special thanks to G-Bake & Shu-Shu for helping out all day Saturday!

the forecast for the next 7 days is looking ah-mazing!!!

two snaps for that time of year when we get to 'spring forward' household is loving the time change!

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