Monday, March 19, 2012

30 wks.

30 wk shot:

doctor's appointment tomorrow, always excited about getting a chance to see our little fella!

no complaints right now other than B likes to nestle up under my ribs, aka, very hard to breath.

cereal...nightly ritual around 9ish
{note: in all of my years I have NEVER been a cereal eater, or any breakfast foods at that, but this baby has me knee deep in that department}

water or ginger ale with LOTS of crushed ice


fruit...specifically not citrus, more of the berry variety.

nursery progress:



lots going on this wk:

we start our birth & baby classes-excited, yet nervous about TMI.

ultrasound in the am, pics to follow.

the arrival of our nephew, Baker!
{sending lots of thoughts & prayers down to Cola!}

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