Monday, March 7, 2011

Wknd recap.

Well this wknd was supposed to be filled with a dinner party, cleaning, and lots of productivity...anddd about 10% of that actually JWB came home sick from work on Friday, so we decided to switch some plans around!

Friday night, me & Kel decided to have a girls night so my sick boy could have a quiet house to rest in...and well, we work really hard and deserved a cocktail.
Plus, alcohol kills germs right?! ;) Cheers to being flu-free.

SR, duh.

Then we ran into my "big brother"...which ALWAYS leads t-r-o-u-b-l-e & ALOT of laughter.


Our wedding invitations arrived-OMG. Loveee them.
Had a nail appointment that was over-the-moon fabulous followed by a relaxing night @ the casa.

Made a big ol' breakfast then had a movie/couch day.
Wings for 'lupper'...I think our group of friends eat them so much they have become their own major food group. No really.

Overall, the weekend was great! Jacob is finally feeling better-yay!
Our mountain of never-ending laundry was tackled.

Monday morning, the sun was shining and we're both rejuvinated & ready for a busy week!

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