Friday, February 18, 2011

This is what my Thursday looks like.

So yesterday was my best girlfriend's birthday...and boy did we have a surprise for her.

We told her to be ready @ 6:30 sharp and we'd be by to pick her up-little did she know we would have a LIMO full of her closest peeps to scoop her!


Me & my momma on the way to surprise Kel...and yes, only my mother would rock a stainless steel wine glass.

Our first stop was at SR, of course!

Mom with the birthday girl!

Me & Kel

Kel & Pat

B, Kel, Jeffrey, & me!

Kel with the boys!

Second stop, Center City.

B & me :)

Sweet face Scottie-Don't.

These two girls make my heart smile.

All the girls!

Birthday girl & Patttttt

Smooches for my hubby-to-be ;)

If the night wasn't already fun enough, this is when we decided to turn it up a notch.

I love that there is a dance party up front & an intense convo going on at the same time.

Love these silly boys.

Still dance party in progress.

Best friends.

Cheers to you dah-ling.

Final destination: GVG

Oh my.

My JWB <3

LOTS of champagne =my disheveled hair-in-the-face look

B & Kel

Such an awesome night with amazing doesn't matter where we are, what night of the week it is, as long as we have each other-a good time is in store.

I hope you had a great day, BFF-we love you!

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  1. aw great pics and a greater weekend it looks like :) love this blog girl! seriously so cute!