Thursday, February 10, 2011


This morning I poured a big ol' cup of coffee (tried it for the first time this week & it is now my new addiction) and started to think about how much greatness is in my life...

We loaded up our posse a few weekends ago to hear our wedding band, THE DICKENS, one more time before the big day!

All of these people are what makes my heart so happy...

My MOH's

(SoCo's. Enough said.)

Me & my momma :)

My hubby-to-be, xo.

Me & my daddy.


Such a fun night :)

Last weekend:

We threw some burgers on the grill & then headed to the Coliseum with Lank & Jen-knee...

Hands down, best concert I've been to yet...yes, even better than Bieber.

My friends laugh at me but I think you should find something to "cheers" to each and every day.

And yes, one of my dear friends/bridesmaid drinks Budweiser exclusively, doesn't believe in that "light crap"...just one of the many things that rock about her.

We've been making progress in the basement...



we <3 rustic.

This man makes my heart go pidder-padder.

Life is crazy right now with wrapping up the wedding planning, but we've been trying to slow down and enjoy the everyday moments.
 Lots of fun things coming up-trips to the mtns & the shore, several birthdays, and showers...but for right now, I'll just soak up the happiness that is filling today :)

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