Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two months!

Bentley technically turned two months old last week but his doctor's appointment was this morning so I waiting until today to record his stats! 


You weigh 12 lb 3 oz.

You are 22.75" in length.

Your noggin' is 16" round.

You wear a size 1 diaper & size 3 month in clothing.

You smile & coo constantly & it lights up our world.

You sleep the night through (asleep around 9 pm, up around 6:30 am).
Your daddy & I are so very thankful for this little man.

This month you spent alot of time in your bathing suit!
You took your first dip into the pool & lake.

Every day you make our hearts swell with happiness.
You are just the sweetest, go-with-flow baby ever.

Happy 2 months Bent!
We love YOU :)

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