Thursday, December 30, 2010



Christmas was full of traveling from this house to that house, presents, fabulous Southern meals, laughter, friends, wine, twinkling lights, and memories that will be with us forever...

Our house is restored to pre-holiday season.

<insert happy dance>

<yes, I am OCD-mopped floors make my heart pidder-patter>

Bags are packed for our next adventure.

Heading to the Yacht Club then we're off to the sandy beach of Aruba.

I am pretty excited about the upcoming days, and not just because my next week & half is going to be filled with 90 degree temps, no emails on my blackberry every five seconds, happy hours, quality time with my fam, and the simplicity that island life brings...but because 2011 will be here.

2011 is going to be a year I will never forget.

2011 is when I will go from a Miss. to a Mrs.

2011 is when I will marry my best friend.

2011, bring. it. on.


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  1. CANDACE! Excited to see you have a blog too! Can't wait to read more!